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Safeguarding cyberspace

Divina Paredes | Oct. 27, 2010
The development of the aviation sector can provide valuable lessons for cyber security experts.

But the same is equally true for a high-tech company, he says. If you have strategically important information or your company is in the technology [industry] and you have market data and customer data [like] patient records, security is important.

I look sometimes with absolute amazement at these high tech companies and they spend enormous amounts of money to develop new technologies to figure where the market goes, develop a product, develop the manufacturing process to make highly specialised and complex products, and they dont always protect all that stuff very well.

And you think about the fact that competitors in the international environment who want those markets would like to know about those products [and] would love to have the technology, he says.

Winter presents a set of recommendations that include developing risk and threat models to reflect corporate concerns. Identify the high-threat users and high-value information, he says. Prioritise, assess what your organisations care about and the business risks you are trying to deal with, he says. Have a big picture of what your enterprise is facing.

He stresses the need to establish control through people, policy and processes. Winter is amazed at how many organisations do not have a list of authorised hardware and software. There is no way you can protect what you cant count.

He also calls deployment of cross-system correlation. This refers to an integrated product platform for collecting processes and assessing security and risk event information. This way, he says, you are comparing oranges to oranges in real-time, it gives you answers right now.

He also recommends working with government and industry to establish enterprise security standards. He advises the development of a threat exchange among trusted peers. You can share enough valuable information without giving away sensitive detail." 


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