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The future of LastPass - what next for the Internet's top password manager?

John E Dunn | Dec. 10, 2015
LogMeIn seems to be attracted to the value in retaining the large user base that LastPass built over many years.

Were you surprised by the negative reaction of some LastPass users to news of the takeover?

VerColen: LastPass is a great company with a beloved product, loyal customers and a strong team. Obviously whenever there is an acquisition like this people are understandably nervous that it could change the product and customer experience they've come to love. With this acquisition, the goal wasn't just to acquire a great product, it was acquiring a great business. LastPass CEO Joe Siegrist and the entire LastPass team are joining LogMeIn, and they will continue to lead the LastPass strategy and development of the product.

The LastPass team remains in place - does that mean development of the product is still primarily being done from its Virginia offices?

VerColen: Yes, the LastPass team will maintain their Fairfax, VA office and will continue to lead the strategy and development of the product. We will provide additional resources and expertise from our other development centres, as necessary to accelerate development.

What short-term changes will LastPass users (both free and Premium) notice to the service in the coming months?

VerColen: The only short-term changes will be around accelerating LastPass's roadmap. With the help of additional resources, we'll be able to accomplish more, much faster - providing an even better service to millions of people. There are no plans to change the model.

Longer term, what plans does LogMeIn have to merge Lastpass with Meldium and what features might this add?

VerColen: As mentioned, both will be supported in the near-term as standalone offerings. The longer-term plan has us bringing the team and small business sharing aspects of Meldium - areas where Meldium really shines - into LastPass. What we really want to do is have a product tailored to the needs of individuals, teams and businesses. As an early mover, LastPass has a lot of great capabilities built in for both individual and company-wide use cases. So we're starting with a great foundation.

Can the company make any predictions on the future pricing of the service for either free or Premium users? LastPass users are obviously concerned after LogMeIn killed its own free service in 2014.

VerColen: LastPass is an amazing product and is by most measures the market leader in a high growth space. This is also a key growth market for LogMeIn. We have no plans to change anything that would potentially impede this growth. And while some may worry given the move to shift the LogMeIn remote access product to a premium-only business, this was largely due to the late lifecycle and longer-term new user growth potential of that legacy market. In contrast, LogMeIn also makes, which, like LastPass is a freemium offering. Like LastPass, plays in a high growth market, and like LastPass,'s free offering gives us a key way to expose vast amounts of new users to our offering.


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