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The future of LastPass - what next for the Internet's top password manager?

John E Dunn | Dec. 10, 2015
LogMeIn seems to be attracted to the value in retaining the large user base that LastPass built over many years.

LastPass suffered a significant security breach earlier in 2015, its second in four years. Is the purchase of the company likely to change or improve the overall security architecture?

VerColen: From our perspective, LastPass handled the incidents very well. And that includes both how they communicated the issues, as well as the steps they took to further protect users. During the acquisition, they also worked closely with our team, and with 3rd parties, to improve security and we believe we have taken steps to put LastPass in a more secure position.

What security enhancements do LastPass Premium users have to look forward to? The range of security options in the product are a major attraction.

VerColen: Security is a top priority for LogMeIn. We're committed to ongoing security investments within the LastPass service. The LastPass team will work closely with our team to further enhance the security of their infrastructure.

On a separate note, LogMeIn has been accused of inadvertently facilitating remote support scams that use its software - can the company comment on these claims?

VerColen: First, we take the security and safety of end users very seriously, and have taken several steps to ensure their protection. While the vast, vast majority of remote support is delivered from credible entities - for example 50 telecommunication companies in Europe use our products in their customer care organizations - it's important to note that the use of our products for nefarious and/or illegal purposes is strictly prohibited, and we terminate accounts for anyone found in violation. We have also taken steps in our product, itself, to prevent nefarious usage, and to detract nefarious or illegal entities - steps designed explicitly to protect consumers.

These include warnings aimed at ensuring people only accept support from people they know and trust, as well as kill switches that allow people to terminate sessions at will. Additionally, we have built alerting into the product, so consumers can instantly report nefarious attempts directly in the product - information that can be used to both terminate an account and, at times, assist local law enforcement in their efforts to track down bad actors. We have also implemented internal processes with our security and support teams to proactively identify potential bad actors, as well as to quick and efficiently investigate any and all reports of such action.


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