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This e-mail message will self-destruct in ...

Jennifer Kavur | June 3, 2010
Technology that promises highly secure, confidential and self-destructing messages over the Internet isn't only available to top secret intelligence agents.

Web conferencing provides both audio and video collaboration, allows individuals to look at documents or presentations, and doesn't have to record anything, he said. "Most of these systems don't have, by default, any recording capability unless you pay extra for that capability," he said.

Collins said the company wants to be a "good corporate citizen" and one of the terms of agreement is that users comply with their native country's laws and rules.

Brokers in the U.S., for example, must record all e-mail messages, instant messages and phone conversations, so they couldn't legally use VaporStream for business, he said. "But most citizens can, and there isn't a law against using VaporStream. At the end of the day, it is basically conversation software," he said.

VaporStream also complies with federal wiretap rules in the U.S., said Collins. "VaporStream on the network end is very similar to a phone system, so you can wiretap it if given a federal warrant or subpoena. Again, you're going to be able to get information moving forward, similar to a phone call. You aren't able to get anything prior," he said.


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