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WikiLeaks teaches enterprises five hard truths

Brian Roddy | Dec. 14, 2010
The recent news of government secrets posted to WikiLeaks is startling because of its size and scale. It is also symptomatic of a problem that practically every enterprise is also facing.

4. This is core to how business is changing and presents a massive opportunity.

When social is done correctly, there are massive benefits, which can address not only the social revolution but address compliance and governance issues. There are some powerful enterprise implementations that have yielded strong return on investment. Take McAfee for example who achieved a 25 per cent decrease in monthly Technical Support calls. Or CSC, who now has over 90 per cent of its entire employee base on its collaboration platform and leverage it to significantly decrease customer acquisition costs. Yum! is another example, as they are saving critical time with "24-hour-a-day innovation" initiative channeled through their social collaboration platform.

5. Make a careful and informed decision when investing in this stuff.

What characterizes successful solutions is not only the ease of collaboration and sharing, but also requirements around privacy, identity, governance, record keeping and eDiscovery. The right implementations have not only the social and collaborative benefits, but give IT the control they require. I believe that the social wave has the capability to truly transform the way work gets done and make it more creative, fun and personal. But it also represents something so deep and fundamental to companies that the right technology choice is critical. There's a huge return on investment when done right, but it should be investigated thoroughly, to understand the requirements and to be social and secure.

Brian Roddy is the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Jive Software.


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