Effect of reaction time on formation of Ti3AlC2


In order to obtain the optimal holding time at a relatively low temperature of 900 °C to synthesize Ti3AlC2 powder, the effect of holding time on the formation of Ti3AlC2 is investigated by changing the holding time from 1 to 10 h. XRD patterns of samples synthesized from 3Ti/Al/2C starting elemental powders in NaCl‒KCl molten salt at 900 °C for different times are shown in Fig. 4. The results show that when starting materials are heated at 900 °C holding for one h, the sample is mainly composed of TiC, Ti3AlC2, TiAl, Ti2AlC, and a small amount of Ti3Al phase. As the holding time increases to 2 h, the amount of Ti3Al and TiC phases reduces while Ti2AlC increases, as shown in the detailed XRD pattern. As the holding time further increases to 5 h, the phases of TiAl and Ti3Al disappear, and Ti2AlC becomes the main phase, as shown in curve c. When the holding time reaches ten h, the desired Ti3AlC2 as the main phase and a few of TiC as the impurity phase is also obtained and shown in curve d. Therefore, the optimal holding time is ten h for synthesizing Ti3AlC2 from 3Ti/Al/2C starting elemental powders in NaCl‒KCl molten salt at a relatively low temperature of 900 °C. From the above analysis, it is concluded that the Ti3AlC2 powder is synthesized by 3Ti/Al/2C starting elemental powders in NaCl‒KCl molten salt at 900 °C for ten h, 950 °C for five h, or 1000 °C for two h, respectively. In addition, the reaction path for forming Ti3AlC2 form 3Ti/Al/2C may be proposed as follows. Firstly, the Al melts and reacts with some Ti to form TiAl and Ti3Al intermetallic, and then, the carbon diffuses and attaches onto the surface of Ti, TiAl, and Ti3Al species to form Ti2AlC, TiC, and Ti3AlC2 at a higher temperature. Finally, the surplus Ti2AlC further reacts with TiC to form Ti3AlC2. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Titanium Aluminum Carbide, or if you require the latest price of Titanium Aluminum Carbide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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