The New Information about Pixel Watch

Earlier this month, we saw a leaked Google Pixel Watch marketing image, which showed a round watch body and a low-key, round-edged touch screen.
A recent report from Google 9to5Google mentioned "PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH", which not only strengthens the name of the Pixel smartwatch but also indicates that the Pixel smartwatch will get a new wearable device unique Wear OS function.

In addition to pixel names and functions, Wear OS 3 will also receive the latest update of Google Assistant, which will be able to understand voice queries and perform tasks when offline. This ability is currently only reserved for select pixel smartphones.
In addition, the recently released Wear OS 3 emulator shows that Google Assistant may look like the image below. During the voice query process, it does not occupy the entire screen, but only displays Google’s four-color arc at the bottom of the screen.
Pixel Watch will be powered by Exynos SoC, which may bring the Google Assistant on the device. The report also said that Samsung Electronics’ "Pixel Watch" uses "Exynos" (Samsung Electronics) SoC. It is very likely that the updated "Google Assistant" Possibility of device voice processing. The SoC of this wearable device can be Exynos brand or tensor brand, but they are all produced by Samsung.
It is too early to say that any of the above will become a reality. Google Pixel Watch is expected to be launched in 2022, but there is no exact time frame yet. If we have to guess, Google may wait until the annual MadeByGoogle conference in October, or it may postpone the release of this wearable device to April.

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