Thermal insulation mechanism of nano ATO


The SnO2 crystal has a stable tetrahedral rutile structure with an anion and cation coordination number of 6:3. Each tin ion is adjacent to six oxygen ions, and each oxygen ion is adjacent to three tin ions. After doping antimony ions into SnO2, it occupies the position of Sn4+in the lattice, forming a valence positive charge center SbSn and a surplus valence electron, increasing the net electron, forming an n-type semiconductor, and increasing the conductivity of the grains. As a result, SnO2 and its doped powders exhibit excellent characteristics such as high visible light transmittance and high infrared light reflectance similar to those of metals when made into films. And because ATO is an n-type semiconductor, according to the classic Drude theory, nano ATO particles with the best conductivity have the best-infrared shielding performance. He Qiuxing et al. proposed that the thermal insulation effect of ATO particles is based on their absorption of infrared light. Huang Baoyuan et al. believed that ATO particles mainly absorb in the infrared region, supplemented by reflection, through long-term thermal insulation effect testing and spectral performance characterization. Qu et al. thought that the thermal insulation mechanism of nano ATO transparent thermal insulation coatings is that when solar radiation reaches the coating surface, most of the near-infrared light and a small portion of visible light are absorbed, increasing the coating surface temperature; At the same time, the vast majority of visible light and very little near-infrared light will enter the room through the coating, which can reduce the indoor temperature while still maintaining good light transmittance in the visible light region. In addition, due to its low emissivity in the far infrared area, the coating can effectively prevent the outward dissipation of heat in a room during heating-dominated solar terms or winter use. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective ATO, or if you require the latest price of ATO, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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