Application areas of graphite


The applications of graphite are manifold. Graphite is needed for electronic and electrical applications, metallurgy, glass and quartz glass production, and mechanical and nuclear applications – but it is also found in every commercially available pencil. Electronic applications: In electronic applications, synthetic graphite is mainly used in semiconductor and solar technology. In semiconductor technology, fine-grain graphite of the highest purity is required, for example, as graphite mouldings coated with silicon carbide (SiC), which are used as susceptors for the silicon epitaxy of thin silicon wafers. So-called single crystal pulling equipment also features graphite components, such as the graphite hollow cylinder, the supporting crucible, the heat shield, the power connector and mounting parts. Heating elements made of high-purity graphite are also required for resistance-heated furnaces in semiconductor production. Metallurgy: One of the best-known applications of graphite in metallurgy is probably the use of graphite electrodes in producing electric steel and cathodes for the electrolysis of aluminium. But synthetic graphite is also irreplaceable as a graphite mould in the continuous casting of non-ferrous and precious metals, and crucibles and casting crucibles made of graphite are also used here. Electric Discharge Machining (EDM): For the process of electric discharge machining, the machining of electrically conductive materials, graphite offers considerable advantages over other materials. For example, it is possible to achieve a three to five-fold reduction in machining time in electron production with high-speed milling if graphite is used as the electrode material instead of copper. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective graphite or require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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