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COVID-19 Puenmonia Continues to Spread around the World,UESCOPE Provides Valuable Video Laryngoscope

COVID-19 Puenmonia Continues to Spread around the World,UESCOPE Provides Valuable Video Laryngoscope
COVID-19 pueumonia continues to spread around the world, it has affected 215 countries and areas. There are now more than 3,820,000 coronavirus cases and over 264,000 deaths reported in the whole world, according to the new statistics of 7th May, 2020.

The outbreak of COVID-19 created huge demand for some medical equipment, such as ventilators. Ventilators are one of the most important tools hospitals have for keeping Covid-19 patients in the most critical condition alive. 
The number of Covid-19 cases is growing at such a rapid pace, it is possible that many hospitals will not have enough ventilators available for the patients that need them. If this happens, any patients who would otherwise survived their infections could die. 
To ensure that anti Covid-19 war can be won, we must first make sure that medical staff are guaranteed sufficient resources. Anesthesiologists recommend disposable airway management tools including video laryngoscope with disposable blades when intubating a Covid-19 patient.

Zhejiang UE Medical Corp. is a professional manufacturer specializing in visual medical products, such as video laryngoscope, video stylet, flexible videoscope, video laryngeal mask. The mission of UE Medical is to "save one more person".
During the epidemic situation in Wuhan, there was a special team for intubation consisting of some professional anesthesiologists who have a high risk of being infected. The intubation tool used by the team is UESCOPE Video Laryngoscope with disposable blades. The news was reported by China Central Television.
Zhejiang UE Medical Corp.


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