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Profound Groove Ball Bearing Manufacturers: Wear Can be Reduced to a Minimum

The amount of material loss due to wearing is called the amount of wear. This can be obtained by measuring changes in length, volume, or mass, and correspondingly calling them line wear, volume wear, and mass wear.

Profound Groove Ball Bearing Manufacturers: Wear Can be Reduced to a Minimum

The use factors of deep groove ball bearings mainly refer to whether the installation and adjustment, use and maintenance, maintenance, and repair meet the technical requirements. WSBC bearings monitor and inspect the load, speed, operating temperature, vibration, noise, and lubrication conditions of the bearings in operation according to the technical requirements for bearing installation, use, maintenance, and maintenance. If they find abnormalities, they immediately see the cause and adjust them. Could you bring it back to normal? The installation condition is one of the primary factors in the use factor. The bearing often changes due to improper installation—the stress state between the parts of the entire set of bearings changes. The internal elements of the bearing running under abnormal conditions and ending the service life early are mainly Refers to the three major factors that determine the quality of double row deep groove ball bearings, such as structural design, manufacturing process, and material quality.

1. Improper use of bearings

  Reason: Improper installation, operation or disassembly may cause deformation or defect of the cage

  Recommendation: Use appropriate operating, installation and removal tools

2. Insufficient lubrication

  Cause: Insufficient or improper lubrication may cause component scratches or severe deformation of double row deep groove ball bearings.

  Suggestion: Improve the lubrication system, regularly replenish or replace the lubricant properly

3. Rust and corrosion

  Reason: Contact with water may cause corrosion and rust of the pump shaft bearing components. Double row deep groove ball bearings after corrosion damage may cause flaking during operation.

  Suggestion: Check the seal regularly to ensure a good sealing effect and store imported bearings correctly

4. Current

  Cause: Energizing while turning, may cause grooves or nicks. When double row deep groove ball bearings are at rest, improper electrical operation grounding can cause slight burns.

  Suggestion: reduce or avoid the current through the bearing through proper ground connection before welding the parts other than the bearing

5. External materials

  Reason: Abrasive particle pollution and debris intrusion may cause wear, scratches, and depressions on the working face of imported bearings

  Recommendations: Remove intrusive particles and debris, replace lubricants, check the sealing system

6. Off-center

  Cause: Off-center, tilt, or excessive load may cause geometric stress concentration or surface peeling

  Suggestion: Precise machining of imported bearing seats and shoulders

After the installation of deep groove ball bearings is completed, to check whether the facility is correct, a running inspection is required. Small machinery can be rotated by hand to confirm whether it turns smoothly. The inspection items include poor operation due to foreign objects, scratches, and indentations, unstable torque due to poor installation, poor processing of the mounting seat, excessive torque due to too small clearance, installation errors, and seal friction, etc. Wait. If there is no abnormality, power operation can be started.

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