Hafnium diboride applications and characteristics

What's hafnium Diboride Powder? Hafnium diboride can be described as an ultra-high-temperature ceramic that is made of hafnium, boron and other elements. It's an uncommon ceramic that has high heat conductivity and conduction. It is a grey, metallic substance. Hafnium dioxide has a hexagonal structure and melts at approximately 3,250 Celsius. Hafnium diboride's resistance to oxidation is affected by temperature and pressure. At 1 atm pressure and 1500°C, the protective oxide layer forms. HfB2's antioxidant activity decreases when temperatures rise above 1600degC, and pressure drops below 1atm. In these circumstances, B2O3, one of the HfB2 oxidation products, boils at a higher temperature than B2O3, creating a protective layer of oxide.

Uses of hafnium diboride powder
Because of its thermal and strength properties, HfB2 can be used to make ultra-high-speed fighter jets. HfB2 has an aerodynamic form and doesn't ablate upon reentry, unlike polymers and other composites.
Hafnium diboride has also been studied in an effort to find a new material that could be used as nuclear reactor control rods.
The barrier can also be used to diffuse microchips. It can have a thickness of less than 7 nanometers, if it is synthesized correctly.

Hafnium diboride powder characteristics :
Hafnium diboride (or hafnium diboride) is an ultra high temperature ceramic that contains boron and hafnium. It melts at approximately 3,250 degrees Celsius. It's an uncommon ceramic that has high heat conductivity and low electrical conductivity. This material shares many of the same characteristics as zirconium diboride and titanium. It's gray and metallic. Hafnium-diboride's hexagonal crystal structure has a molar density of 10.5 g/cc and 200.11 mg/mol.
How does hafnium Diboride Powder get made?
Here are the steps to realize combustion synthesis high purity hafnium-diboride powder:
1. Use base ingredients to make thinner. Combine base ingredients with thinner.
2. Combine dry with wet
3. The graphite powder should be evenly mixed. Once the closed pressure vessel has been cooled, add circulating water to cool it. The reaction takes place under vacuum or pressure of 0-5MPA. By self-propagating combustible combustion, raw materials can be transformed into products.
4. Cool the product. It is made up of magnesium oxide and hafnium dioxide. After removing magnesium oxide by pickling, hafnium triboride is washed in water. Then it is filtered through a filter and dried to make hafnium biboride powder.
Hafnium diboride powder supplier
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