How to choose positive and negative electrode materials for lithium batteries? Is there a better cathode material than manganese dioxide

A cost-effective electrode material must have good electrical conductivity, low loss, easy modeling, and excellent processing stability, high efficiency, abundant material sources, and low prices.

Manganese dioxide has become the ideal cathode material because of its high theoretical specific capacity, abundant reserves, low price, and environmental friendliness.

Manganese dioxide, the cathode material of lithium batteries, is the main component, which is used to generate the chemical reaction of charge and discharge. The ingredients are added to improve the performance of the battery.

The Lithium battery anode material metal lithium or its alloy metal is the anode material; these things happen on the copper foil, the anode.

Among lithium-ion battery materials, the anode material is an essential component and can have a significant impact on the performance of the overall battery.

Trunnano is one of the world's largest nanomaterial manufacturers. Lithium battery electrode materials such as manganese dioxide, carbides, graphite, silicon-based materials, alloy materials, and tin-gold materials are the company's main products. If you are interested, please contact Trunnano International Marketing Manager LEO, email:

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