The upcoming LG TV will address one of OLED's biggest flaws

Ever wish display technology had a longer acronym?LG Display is here to help. Today, it unveiled LG OLED EX, a patented OLED technology that is supposed to be brighter than standard OLEDs.
As you probably already know, OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode. According to the announcement, the EX section of OLED EX combines "evolution" and "experience."'" No, it doesn't make a lot of sense, but it does give the brand a way to make you feel inferior to any other OLED.

LG Display does try to give current OLED users a reason to upgrade.
Simply put, the main advantage of OLED is that each pixel can be turned off independently, making it a dark, inky black with contrast too high to measure using standard methods. But OLED displays are generally not as bright as LED displays.
LG Electronics' OLED EX claims to be 30% brighter than traditional OLED displays."OLED EX improves accuracy by enhancing details such as color and leaf texture," LG Display said.
How OLED EX works
The OLED EX is the latest product to be released following LG Display's "OLED Shelf" concept, which uses two transparent OLED panels, and its exploration of OLED technology that began 10 years ago.
The difference between standard OLEDs and OLED EX is that the latter uses a deuterium compound instead of regular hydrogen. The company makes deuterium compounds by extracting them from water and using them in diodes. Once stabilized, and combined with LG's machine learning algorithm, the diodes should be brighter and more efficient.
LG Display explained that the algorithm is suitable for OLED TVs with a maximum resolution of 8K and that by learning individual viewing modes, the screen can be controlled to display more accurately the details and colors of the video content being played.
LG'S OLED EX TVs will also have thinner bezels.LG Display says the bezel size of the 65-inch Display will be reduced to 4mm from 6mm.
By the second quarter of 2022, ALL OLED TVs produced by LG Display at its OLED production plants in Paju, South Korea, and Guangzhou, China will use OLED EX.

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