Thermoelectric material of bismuth telluride


Thermoelectric materials can realize the mutual conversion between electrical energy and thermal energy. People often use their Seebeck coefficient, conductivity, and thermal conductivity to evaluate their performance. At the same time, they also have many characteristics that traditional energy materials do not have, such as long service life, no environmental pollution, and stable performance. Each thermoelectric material has its applicable operating temperature range. Various thermoelectric materials have been discovered, such as Bi2Te3 and its related alloys, PbTe, and SiGe alloys. Bi2Te3 and its alloys are mainly used for thermoelectric refrigeration, while PbTe and SiGe are primarily used for thermoelectric power generation. Bi2Te3 and its doped compounds are the thermoelectric materials with the best thermoelectric performance within the room temperature range. Composite organic thermoelectric materials are excellent due to their superb flexibility, electrical conductivity, low thermal conductivity, film formation, and mechanical properties. Although the thermoelectric performance of organic conductive polymers is still lower than that of inorganic semiconductor materials, due to the increased demand for flexible materials, organic composite thermoelectric materials have great development value. Organic composite thermoelectric materials have excellent application prospects in future environmental protection and energy-saving devices. The Seebeck effect, also known as the first thermoelectric effect, refers to a thermoelectric phenomenon in which the voltage difference between two materials is caused by the temperature difference between two different electrical conductors or semiconductors. The direction of the thermal potential is generally specified as follows: the electrons flow from negative to positive at the hot end. In a circuit composed of two metals, A and B, if the temperatures of the two contact points are different, a current will appear in the course, called thermal current. The corresponding electromotive force is called a thermal electromotive force, and its direction depends on the direction of the temperature gradient. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective bismuth telluride, or if you require the latest price of bismuth telluride, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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