Titanium carbide aluminum applications in various fields


Low friction coefficient materials and electrical contact materials. The large size and high orientation of MAX phase crystals, combined with their self-lubricating properties, make MAX phase an excellent potential for developing defective friction coefficient materials. Due to the functional characteristics of electric contact materials for current transmission and conversion, candidate materials must have good thermal and conductive properties, high strength, high-temperature stability, excellent self-lubrication, and low friction coefficient. MAX phase materials meet these critical requirements. They are rotating component materials. The machinability, dimensional stability, low density, and high stiffness of the MAX phase are the chips for it to be selected as a candidate material for rotating parts, which has great application potential in the field of disk drive equipment requiring high spatial stability during rotation. Heat exchange material. Excellent thermal conductivity is one of the characteristics of the MAX phase, and its good thermal conductivity can be maintained at high temperatures. Combined with its other characteristics, such as easy machining, stable chemical properties, and especially excellent thermal shock resistance, MAX phase materials have become one of the candidates for a new generation of heat exchange materials. Al in the MAX phase of the Ti-Al-C system can be rapidly diffused and selectively oxidized during the oxidation process, thus forming a thick Al2O3 film to prevent further oxidation of the substrate material. The microstructure of the interface between Ti3AlC2 and Ti2AlC and the generated Al2O3 gives the system material high-temperature self-healing ability. At high temperatures, cracks or nicks on the material's surface are filled with the oxide, thus restoring the original properties of the material, especially the mechanical properties. This property is of great significance in maintaining the mechanical properties of materials and improving the stability and reliability of materials so that it is more likely to be applied in a high-temperature environment. Al's rapid diffusion and selective oxidation at high temperatures of Ti3AlC2 and Ti2AlC enable the welding of the material itself and between layers, respectively. The fracture toughness of Ti3AlC2 and Ti2AlC laminated materials obtained by self-welding is significantly improved compared with single-phase materials. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective titanium aluminum carbide, or if you require the latest price of titanium aluminum carbide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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