Apple's VR headset is rumored to launch in 2022

Apple's VR headset represents Apple's first step towards the future of mixed reality. It is expected that this phone will draw on design elements of all Apple product lines to ensure that this phone is both comfortable and stylish.
AppleInsider generated these renderings based on a report from the Information that described the prototype design of the VR headset. The report stated that it is a smooth, curved face mask that is worn on the user's face. The mask is made of a mesh material and is connected by a replaceable hair strap.
We can expect the curved sun visor to adopt a glass case like an Apple Watch. The mesh structure may be similar to the filling material used in AirPods Max, and the strap may look similar to the sports strap of the Apple Watch.

Industry analyst Guo Mingchi said that the initial iPad will weigh less than 1 pound, and future models will be lighter. Weight is the main indicator of VR, because if the headset is too heavy, long-term use may cause discomfort. With the advent of "metaspace", some users may want to be able to easily have hours of conversation.
Apple may borrow design elements from all its products on its VR headsets. Our rendered headset shows that the lightweight materials and headband mean that the weight is distributed evenly on the wearer's head. Apple's AirPods Max is a heavy aluminum headset, but due to the design of its headband, it is difficult to detect its weight in use and can be well transformed into a headset.
Initial reports stated that the VR headset will use the iPhone to process its software, but recent rumors suggest that the VR headset will be a standalone device. A report from Kuo stated that it will have m1 processing for high-end applications and development.
Such capabilities are necessary for developers to create next-generation AR and VR experiences. Ultimately, the Apple VR headset will become a stepping stone for creating content for AR headsets (known as "Apple Glasses").
Although this head-mounted device prioritizes virtual reality, it may also use a camera to cover augmented reality objects in the real world. This means that Apple's VR headsets may be mixed reality, depending on the application used. These alternative AR, VR, and MR modes will be ideal choices for the development experience of all Apple devices.
Apple VR headsets may have multiple cameras and sensors for tracking. The rumored lidar sensor system will be sufficient to track the user's hand without a controller, but the controllers can still be paired for precise control or gaming experience.
As for the price, rumors range from $1,000 to $3,000. No matter what Apple’s price of a VR headset is, it will be super high-end and much more expensive than its competitors.
Apple is expected to launch the Apple VR headset in 2022.

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