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On December 28, 2023, Lei Jun, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said at the Xiaomi Automobile Technology Conference that Xiaomi Automobile’s goal is to rival Porsche and Tesla and to create a “dream car” for the new era of the automobile industry. At the same time, Lei Jun emphasized that “Xiaomi Auto will become a top five global automaker through 15 to 20 years of efforts.”
At the conference, Xiaomi Automobile’s first production car – Xiaomi SU7 was officially released. According to the plan, Xiaomi SU7 will be mass-produced and listed in the first half of 2024. “It will take a few more months for the Xiaomi SU7 car to be officially launched, as the company still needs to do a lot of testing to ensure the release.” Lei Jun said, “In fact, our car is already in small batch mass production, and we still need the last few months to do a lot more verification tests.”

xiaomi SU7 xiaomi car

At the conference, Lei Jun announced the release of the Xiaomi car’s first model, Xiaomi SU7, positioning a C-class high-performance supercar. Lei Jun said that as an electric smart car, electric technology is its foundation. Xiaomi released three “hard core” technologies, including Xiaomi super motor, CTB integrated battery technology, and 9100 tons of integrated large die-casting equipment cluster system.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi cars, from the beginning, adhere to the underlying core technology and adhere to the positive R & D, the key track depth of self-research. At present, in the first phase of Xiaomi car R & D investment of more than 10 billion yuan, the R & D team has a total of more than 3,400 engineers, including thousands of top domestic and foreign technical experts in key areas.

This conference officially disclosed the progress breakthroughs of the five core technologies of the Xiaomi car, including electric drive, battery, large die casting, intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, and other key areas, which can be called the collection of Xiaomi entrepreneurship 13 years of technology accumulation show.

Among them, in the field of industrial hard science and technology, Xiaomi shows the self-development and manufacture of hardcore technology strength and has a leading complete automotive large industrial intelligent manufacturing strength. Such as Xiaomi independent research and development and production of super motor HyperEngine V8s, the speed of 27200rpm, the world’s first mass-produced motor speed; Xiaomi self-research CTB integrated battery technology, and the world’s first power core inversion technology, to achieve the current CTB battery the world’s highest battery integration efficiency of 77.8%, in order to ensure the performance and quality of the battery from the source, Xiaomi even also In order to ensure battery performance and quality from the source, Xiaomi has even built its own battery pack factory.

In addition, Xiaomi’s self-developed “9100t super large die casting cluster” and self-developed die casting alloy material “titan alloy” become the only domestic automobile manufacturers in China with self-developed large die casting and die casting materials. At present, the industry is in the volume of large die casting clamping force tonnage; Xiaomi firmly takes the road of full-stack self-research, from self-developed materials and equipment cluster system to the finished casting, completed the large die casting industry chain in almost all aspects of the full-stack self-research.
In the field of intelligent soft science and technology, Xiaomi aims to show the “technology factory, ecological car” unique advantage, promote the automobile industry and consumer electronics industry, and integrate intelligent ecology. For example, based on the Xiaomi surging OS, Xiaomi intelligent cockpit realizes the bottom reconstruction, evolves for the car, and creates an advanced intelligent mobile space; in the field of intelligent driving, Xiaomi industry debut adaptive zoom BEV technology, road big model, super-resolution occupancy network technology and other three key technologies.

xiaomi car SU7 and Lei Jun

In addition, AI comprehensive empowerment has also become a new highlight of Xiaomi automobile fusion of cutting-edge technology and realization of innovation breakthroughs. For example, in addition to the industry’s first road model, Xiaomi for intelligent driving valet parking scenarios, also self-research the world’s first mass-produced “end-to-end perception decision-making model,” can be observed in real-time, dynamically adjusted to park into the mechanical storage space, such as the ultra-high degree of difficulty of the parking space.

Lei Jun introduced “people car home full Ecology,” is a comprehensive through the people, cars, and home scenes, realizing the seamless connection of hardware and equipment, real-time synergy, driving the industry chain partners to create a human-centered, active service to the people of the super-intelligent ecology. Xiaomi Surge OS has opened up more than 200 categories, including Xiaomi cars. In the past 13 years, Xiaomi has laid out 12 technical fields and 99 sub-tracks, and with the principle of “deep integration of software and hardness, and comprehensive empowerment of AI”, it has formed a “convergence technology stack”, which constantly empowers product development and manufacturing.

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