Do you know how lithium sulfide is prepared?

Uses of lithium sulfide
Lithium sulfide (Li2S) is a product specially designed for high-performance batteries. It can be used as a potential electrolyte material in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and as a precursor for solid electrolytes. As an electrode material, it not only has high capacity, but also overcomes many problems caused by pure sulfur electrodes.

Material properties of lithium sulfide
Physical properties
White to yellow crystals. It has an anti-fluorite structure. The specific gravity is 1.66 (water = 1), the melting point is 938°C, and the boiling point is 1372°C. It is easily soluble in water, soluble in ethanol, soluble in acid, and insoluble in alkali.
Chemical properties
In the air, it is easy to absorb water vapor and hydrolyze, releasing highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. Hydrogen sulfide can be liberated by acid; it can react violently with nitric acid, but hydrobromic acid and hydroiodic acid can only decompose it when heated. It reacts slowly with concentrated sulfuric acid, but reacts violently with dilute sulfuric acid. When heated to about 300°C in the air, it is oxidized by oxygen, but does not generate sulfur dioxide, but generates lithium sulfate.

How is lithium sulfide formed?
Lithium sulfide can be prepared by a variety of methods. In the past, lithium and sulfur were used to heat together to react, and carbon or hydrogen was used to reduce lithium sulfate under heating to prepare lithium sulfide. Later, it was discovered that lithium and sulfur act in liquid ammonia, or lithium ethoxide can decompose the ethanol adduct of lithium hydrosulfide to produce lithium sulfide. Afterwards, some people used lithium pentoxide and hydrogen sulfide to react first to prepare lithium hydrogen sulfide, and then make lithium hydrogen sulfide decomposed by heating in a vacuum to prepare lithium sulfide.
High-quality anhydrous lithium sulfide can be produced by reacting metallic lithium with hydrogen sulfide in tetrahydrofuran.

What is the role of lithium sulfide?
Lithium sulfide (Li2S) is a product specifically designed for high-performance batteries. It can be used as an electrode material or as a precursor for solid electrolytes. As an electrode material, it not only has high capacity, but also overcomes many problems caused by pure sulfur electrodes.

How to store and pack lithium sulfide
Humid environment will affect the dispersion performance and use effect of Li2S powder. Therefore, lithium sulfide Li2S powder should be sealed in a vacuum package and stored in a cool and dry room. Lithium sulfide Li2S powder should not be exposed to the air. In addition, avoid using Li2S powder under pressure.
The packaging specifications for lithium sulfide are as follows: 100g, 500g or 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel. Or you can make different specifications of packaging according to your needs.

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