Is Sio2 Safe to Consume


What is silicon dioxid?

Chemically, silicon dioxide is a type of quartz, the fusion of silicon (Si) and oxygen (O) elements. It is one of the more abundant substances on Earth, making up 59 per cent of the crust. You will have seen silica if you've been to the beach before. It's just that it has a different name there: sand. Ever wondered what that small packet you find in food or supplement bottles is? You know, the one that says, "Do Not Eat" even though it's found with your food? Well, that's called a desiccant. Its primary purpose is to absorb excess moisture so fine food particles don't clump together (the way sugar does). And even though it's a "rock," you'll be surprised to know that silica is also found in organisms. Plants, animals, and, yes, even us, have trace amounts of it. Chances are you've eaten it regularly since everything from vegetables to oats have it.


What Does It Do?

Silicon dioxide is a common substance used in a variety of industrial applications. Everything from ceramics to glass uses it in one form or another. Silica is often used as an anti-caking agent in the food industry—many foodstuffs like sugar and flour clump together in moist conditions. Moisture also promotes bacterial growth and can shorten a product's shelf life. Silicon dioxide prevents this by absorbing excess water from the atmosphere. It can be mixed straight into the food or separated into its container, as with the desiccant pack. Since it's abundant, commercial silica is often derived from natural sources. Natural quartz is obtained from sand mining and then crushed or milled. Depending on the end-use, further processing may be needed to create purer or finer silica.


Is Silicon Dioxide Safe to Consume?

With an artificial-sounding name like silicon dioxide, people tend to wonder if it's safe to eat. The good news is that it is. Health Canada has classified silicon dioxide as food safe. As we mentioned, it is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Besides, any excess silica accumulated in the body doesn't stay there. Instead, it's flushed out through our kidneys. It's also worth knowing that there are many types of silicon dioxide. Rest assured that the kind added to our food differs from the one used in making glass, for instance. You might encounter some experts saying that silicon dioxide can cause cancer. While this is true, it only occurs when you breathe in high doses. This is the case with certain occupations, such as mining, construction, and sandblasting. When found in food, silica can't cause lung damage.


Price of silicon dioxid

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Silicon dioxid supplier

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