Large-scale Promotion of New Energy Vehicles, the Bearing Industry is Facing the Test of Performance Iimprovement

The new energy vehicle market is booming

In 2020, global new energy vehicles are expected to sell 4 million cars, a year-on-year increase of 58%. Among them, the sales of new energy vehicles in the Asian market exceeded 1.578 million, accounting for 47.37%. As countries advance energy conservation, emission reduction, and environmental protection, the popularity of new energy vehicles has become an irreversible market trend.

It is for this reason that more and more multinational auto companies have formulated corresponding development strategies. Not long ago, Ford Motor Company announced that it planned to move 70% of its electric vehicle production line to China by 2025. Tesla, which has already built factories in China, also has high hopes for the Chinese market. The company has proposed that in a few years, Tesla's sales in China will account for the largest share of its global sales.

With the rapid increase in sales of new energy vehicles, the market demand for drive motors has risen rapidly. It is predicted that the global drive motor market will reach USD 4.4 billion in 2020.

New energy vehicle drive motors require special bearings. Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles require motors to have a very high limit speed, at the same time to meet the low-temperature requirements of -40 ℃ and high temperatures above 150 ℃ and need bearings to have a maintenance function to adapt to the axial impact caused by frequent start and stop.

The new energy vehicle particular bearing market is booming, which poses severe challenges to China's bearing industry. Yu Zhizheng, a researcher-level senior engineer of Beijing Automobile Group Co., Ltd., and Chen Guangzu, secretary-general of China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee, agreed that China's bearing industry should meet this challenge, actively develop and produce special bearings for new energy vehicles, and take the initiative in market competition.

The Quality Department of Wuxi Xinghuo Bearing Co., Ltd. has its standards for the appearance of bearings. All bearings are as follows:

  1. Bearing parts are not allowed to have cracks, sharp edges, burrs, and rust; there should be no process marks on the raceway; the ultra-fine lines and steel spherical surfaces of the inner and outer rings should be uniform, and there are no allowed scratches and scrapes.

  2. Bearing parts with grinding particles should be by the rules, without rotation marks, traces, yin, and yang surfaces, and wear marks, and no apparent marks are allowed. The bearing seal is measured, and there is no percussion injury and noticeable color difference.

  3. The oxide coating is not allowed on the surface of parts. The chamfer, inner diameter, and inner diameter of the ring need to be polished.

  4. When pickling parts of bearing rings, the working surface should not be burned, and the working surface should not be damaged without pickling, and it will not affect the hardness test.

  5. Assembly chamfering.

  A. The size and shape of the chamfered assembly should meet the requirements of our product drawings.

  B. The chamfered surface will not be corroded and scratched.

  6. Steel Ball

  The appearance quality standards of steel balls should meet the requirements of JB / T10861.

  7. Cage

        The surface should be flat, smooth, without burr, bruise, no rust, and noticeable color difference. It is not allowed to have appearance defects such as compression, contusion, deformation, and sand eye.

For example, the full cylindrical roller bearing RSL18 is designed to withstand heavy loads. The bearing has a very high load capacity at the same width as the traditional bearing with a cage. The radial cross-section is small, which can save space, but the speed is relatively low. All multi-row cylindrical roller bearings have a lubrication groove and a lubrication hole on the outer ring.

To make the bearing work regularly, in the case of continuous operation, the bearing must bear a specific minimum load, that is, C / P<25. Otherwise, the wear will be exacerbated due to insufficient lubrication and high-speed operation.

Full-load bearings should be GB / t307.1-94 (iso492-1994) P0 grade, and the radial clearance (CO) is average, and may require the original radial clearance from (C2) to (C4), but should be Letters with corresponding clearance suffix should be added after the bearing code when ordering. Rubber-plastic screw extruders usually use C3 clearance.

For the fit tolerance, refer to the selection principle of bearing seat and shaft tolerance limits.

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