Tesla's solar roof plans to enter the international market

Tesla's solar roof plans to enter the international market

The advantages of solar roofs

With the increasingly serious climate problems caused by global warming, the "low-carbon revolution" of globalization has emerged, and "low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission" has become the core of energy application. Solar energy, as an inexhaustible, pollution-free and cheap energy, has quickly become the new favorite of new energy utilization. Solar roof is one of the most important ways of solar photovoltaic power generation. [1] In order to implement China's energy conservation and emission reduction targets promised to the world, strengthen policy support for new energy economic strategy, and accelerate the application of solar photovoltaic technology in urban and rural construction, relevant ministries and commissions of the state have launched the solar roof plan.

Tesla Solar Roof

According to foreign media reports, Tesla is preparing to bring its Solar Roof products to the international market. The Californian company has filed a patent for a solar roof with the European Patent Office.The patent, called "Solar roof tile Packaging," Outlines the shell structure of a single solar roof tile from Tesla. The patent had previously been filed in the United States, but had not been submitted to the European Patent Office.
The patent filing suggests that Elon Musk, Tesla's chief executive, hopes to bring the company's solar-powered roof products to international markets later this year. The patent describes the construction of the solar roof shingle module, showing that the module includes "multiple solar roof shingles and one or more shingles placed side by side. Tiles are electrically and mechanically coupled.In the United States, Tesla's solar roof capacity peaked, according to the company's first quarter 2020 update. Its Giga New York plant in Buffalo produces more than four megawatts (MW) of solar roofs a week, enough to power 1,000 homes.
Mr Musk said initial orders from European customers would be made at the company's solar manufacturing plant in the US. The increase in solar roof capacity will require Tesla to increase productivity at its Giga Plant in New York. This strategy could change in the future depending on the demand for solar roofs in The European market.

The advantages of A Tesla solar roof

Solar roofs have many advantages for homeowners who need solar energy to meet their residential energy needs. The system not only absorbs energy from the sun, but the tiles themselves are beautiful. Traditional solar panels, while practical, don't meet the aesthetic needs of some homeowners, which could end up driving them out of the market.From an economic perspective, Tesla's solar product has been compared to Musk's money-making machine. "If you live in a high-cost state with Tesla's recently reduced price solar, your roof is like a money-printing machine." "It's better to buy it outright, but it's clearly a good deal to rent it," Musk said on Twitter.


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