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These Samsung Galaxy S22 virtual machines look very close to the real thing

Samsung's Galaxy S22 line will soon hit the market, and thanks to the magic of leaks, we don't know much about the company's next flagship product. But perhaps the most talked-about by far is their design. If you want to take a look at it again, maybe this time in more detail, someone has already got their hands on every Galaxy S22 dummy for the world to see.
A video showing the virtual devices was posted by the whistleblower OnLeaks.Other recent physical models of different upcoming phones, like the OnePlus 10 Pro and Google Pixel 6A, are just metal plates that resemble the phone's general shape and look, but these S22 dummies look a lot closer to the real thing -- and if that's what we're about to get from Samsung, they sure look beautiful, Although maybe a little familiar.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra(which we recently learned could be called the S22 Note) has a radically different design from the others, with more Note genes, an S Pen slot visible at the bottom, a curved display, and a square bezel. The other two products in the line, the Galaxy S22, and Galaxy S22+, have almost identical designs to the Galaxy S21. There are obvious differences, such as a very flat-looking metal frame (similar to the one on the iPhone 13) and a slick back, though we're not sure if this will show up on the actual phone.
Like all bugs, you should take this with a grain of salt. After all, these aren't necessarily official Samsung models, since no one stops random people from putting these renderings based on leaks. But they match up with everything else we've seen in the past, so if anything, it's further confirmation that this is what phones end up looking like -- and the closest we can get to actual operation right now.

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