What is the relevant knowledge for 3D printing 304 stainless steel powder?

Overview of 3D printing 304 stainless steel powder
3D printing 304 stainless steel powder is a commonly used stainless steel powder. It is a spherical gray powder. It is an excellent structural material and has good comprehensive mechanical properties. It has a wide range of applications. 304L has better corrosion resistance. It is used in aviation, machinery, petrochemicals, and food. , Kitchen and bathroom, medical, jewelry, construction, electrical appliances, and other industries have a large number of applications, Mo content makes this steel has excellent resistance to pitting corrosion, can be safely used in Cl- and other environments.


3D printing 304 stainless steel powder manufacturing method
The preparation method of 304 stainless steel spherical powder is based on the ingredients of 304 stainless steel, and 304 stainless steel alloy bars are prepared by forging and machining preparation methods, and then the 304 stainless steel alloy bars are processed into 304 stainless steel electrode rods, and the electrode rods are loaded to the reaction In the chamber, the reaction chamber is evacuated, the atomization equipment is pre-evacuated, and the reaction chamber is filled with inert gas according to a certain proportion, and the oxygen content in the atmosphere is less than 0.1wt%; the electrode rod is sent into the atomization through the feed system In the chamber, the end face of the electrode rod is heated by a plasma torch to make the end uniformly melted, and the metal droplets are prepared by the centrifugal effect of the rotating electrode, and then instantaneously solidified into spherical metal powder, and finally the powder is packaged by multi-layer vacuum heat sealing.304 stainless steel powder is not easy to be oxidized at high temperature, has high sphericity, no hollow powder and satellite powder, and controllable particle size distribution.
Application of 3D printing 304 stainless steel powder
Stainless steel powder is widely used in 3D printing, sintered parts, porous materials, injection molding precision parts, spray materials,composite materials, metal coatings and other fields according to different particle sizes and morphologies.
Suitable for multiple processes such as PM pressing and sintering, MIM metal injection molding, HIP hot isostatic pressing, AM additive manufacturing, etc.
Storage conditions of 3D printing 304 stainless steel powder
1. Store in a ventilated and dry environment, avoid strong cold or strong heat;
2. Avoid storing near open flames or high heat sources;
3. Use the materials in stock in the order of "first in first out";
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