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Aluminum Nitride Powder – Properties and Application

Aluminum nitride

This covalent bond compound is known as AIN. Its chemical formula is AIN. Aluminium nitride can be classified as a diamond-like metal nitride. The aluminum nitride powder can be white or off-white and is not toxic.

Aluminum nitride properties:

AlN can also be stabilized up to 2200. Aluminum nitride exhibits high strength at ambient temperature and gradually decreases in strength with temperature. Aluminum nitride exhibits good thermal conductivity with a very low thermal expansion coefficient. This makes it an excellent thermal shock material.

Aluminum nitride resists molten metal corrosion well and makes an ideal crucible for melting pure iron, aluminum and aluminum alloy. The dielectric properties of aluminum nitride make it an excellent electrical insulator.

Aluminium nitride acts as a catalyst in the conversion from hexagonal to cubic boron nutride. It is slow to react with water at room temperatures. Aluminum powder can be used to make the product at 800-1000 under nitrogen or ammonia atmosphere. This product can be found in a grayish-blue powder to white.

Application of aluminum nitride to:

Aluminium nitride can be used for optoelectronics engineering as an optical storage interface dielectric and substrate and as a high-temperature chip carrier. It is also useful in military and other applications.

Because of its piezoelectric effects, epitaxial stretching is used to detect surface acousticwaves. It will be attached to the silicon wafer. It is difficult to manufacture thin films reliably in very limited places.

Use of aluminum nitride clays is a good choice because they have high room temperatures, high temperature strengths, small expansion coefficients and excellent thermal conductivity. You can use it as a heat transfer material to high-temperature structures.

The aluminum nitride clays can resist the corrosion of iron and aluminum. They can also be used to make casting molds for metals like Al, Cu and Ag.

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Aluminium nitride granules

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