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Application Of Nano-Zirconia |

What is Nanometer Zirconia?

nano structured zirconia non-toxic, tasteless, white solid with a molecular weight 123.22. Melting point 2397, boiling point 4275, harder than other materials.

Nanometer zirconia properties

Nano-zirconia nanoparticles have a small size, excellent thermochemical stability and dispersity. They are also high temperature conductivites, and they offer a strong thermal shock resistant.

The Application Prospect of Nanometer Zirconia

Ceramic material exhibits excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, wear and corrosion resistance, light weight, and many others. However, ceramic material’s brittleness, which is sensitive to internal defects will cause cracks to rapidly spread, resulting in a material that can suddenly fracture. Zirconia has been widely used as a toughener for other ceramics, and to strengthen brittle compounds. Nano-zirconia is a chemically stable material that can be used to create catalysts directly or in combination with other metals and oxides. Due to its high melting point and chemical stability, zirconia plays an important part in heavy industries, particularly in the automobile industry.<br />
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