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Applications of Foamed concrete

Since introducing concrete cellular systems to the construction industry over 50 years ago, foamed concrete has been almost exclusively limited to non-structural void filling, thermal insulation, acoustic damping, and trench filling to reinstate roads and building blocks. In the Netherlands, foamed concrete has been used not only for level corrections in housing developments but also as a fill material where ground subsidence has taken place and as a foundation for road works on very weak soils. However, the development of synthetic and proteinhydrolisation-based foaming agents and specialized foam-generating equipment has allowed for the production of foam with stable and isolated bubbles that remain intact, making it possible to manufacture foamed concrete with lower permeability suitable for structural applications. In recent years foamed concrete has been used as a structural material in schools, apartments, and housing developments. For information on foamed concrete suppliers or materials for foamed concrete, contact Cement & Concrete S.A. Information Centre. Historically, foamed concrete has been perceived to be weak and non-durable with high shrinkage characteristics. Unstable foams have resulted in foamed concrete having properties unsuitable for reinforced structural applications. Unprotected reinforcement in foamed concrete with interconnected voids would be vulnerable to corrosion even when the external attack is not very severe. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective foam concrete or require the latest price, please email contact mis-asia.

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