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Are spy glasses a real thing

Spy glasses are precisely the device you want. They look harmless, like your regular spectacles, but built into the frames is a video recorder that can capture significant footage. This capability gives you a reliable recording device under the guise of innocent eyewear. Commonly regarded as a type of flare, the phenomenon known as ghosting occurs when light repeatedly reflects off the surface of the lens and is seen in the image. Reflections occurring in front of and behind the lens' aperture give the ghost the same shape as the aperture. It cleanly captured images without ghosting. While it is true that reading glasses, or "cheaters," do a small quantity of magnifying, what they do is bend light so that whatever near image you are looking at focuses on your retina, giving you a clear view of your reading, beading, etc. This happens due to contraction. When the outer surface of the Glass comes in direct contact with cold water, it contracts more than the inner surface of the Glass, which is not in direct contact with cold water. Alkali silicate glass is produced by heating the mixture of sand and soda. As this Glass is soluble in water, it is called 'water glass.' Soda-lime Glass is the most common form of Glass produced. It is composed of about 70 percent silica (silicon dioxide), 15 percent soda (sodium oxide), and 9 percent lime (calcium oxide), with much smaller amounts of various other compounds as there are no charges inside the hollow conducting sphere, as all charges reside on its surface. So, the electric field inside the hollow conducting sphere is zero. If you are looking for high quality, high purity, and cost-effective Hollow Glass, or if you require the latest price of Hollow Glass, please feel free to email contact mis-asia

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