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Gallium Nitride Led The Charge Plug Revolution |

What is Gallium Nitride (Galium Nitride)?

It is composed of gallium and nitrogen, with the chemical formula GaN. It is characterized by a wide band gap. Other features include high thermal conductivity and radiation resistance. This material has a large energy gap, up to about 3.4 Electron Volts. It can be applied to high power and high speed optoelectronics devices, such as gallium-nitride lasers, which are used in uv light-emitting Diodes (5P-Pumped Solid-State Lasers) at 405nm. The band gap width of gallium nitride is greater than 2.22eV. This material, along with silicon carbide and aluminum nitride are collectively known as wide band-gap semiconductor materials.

Applications and Development Prospects of Gallium Nitride

The application of wide-band gap semiconductors in power electronics is just beginning, the market size is currently only a few hundreds of millions of dollars. However, based on its chemical properties, it can make power supplies smaller, more efficient and with a higher power density. In terms of 5G, it has many benefits. It is not yet industrialized. The base ultraviolet sensor can be applied to missile early alert, satellite secrets communication, environmental monitoring and chemical and bio detection.

Gallium-nitride is widely utilized in chargers

Based on its chemical properties, the use of gallium nitride in electronic products will increase in the future.<br />
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