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Infomat: a new color center system for basic scientific discovery

The negative charge nitrogen vacancy (NV − Center) in

diamond has attracted extensive attention due to its versatile role in quantum nano science technology. Although the electrical spectral properties of these point defect ensembles have been well studied the breakthrough in their application to solid-state spin control is only recently realized. Through optical means the technology can detect the magnetic resonance intensity of the monochromatic center the nitrogen vacancy color center has become the most accurate nanometer magnetometer. This new technology is having a profound impact on a variety of disciplines: from high-voltage superconductivity to the observation of electro acoustic processes in two-dimensional materials. With the combination of substrate processing dynamic decoupling technology the NV − color center spin coherence time has made a huge leap now it is close to one second. On the one h this long coherence promotes the new test of quantum mechanics including the first proof of violation of loophole free Bell inequality. In the past 10 years researchers have begun to study more color center systems. Silicon carbide (SIC) has become a suitable host of wideb gap vacancy center due to its good intrinsic coherence high optical stability emission uniformity. Then at low temperature the researchers found that the defects of centrosymmetric diamond containing group IV atoms have narrow b light emission excellent coherence. These color centers introduce the coupling characteristics of working wavelength spin orbit make new scientific exploration possible. At present the mainstream diamond color center system based on diamond silicon carbide system the introduction of vacancies defects provides rich spectral characteristics for diamond system. The point group representation of the corresponding color center is given in the figure: the Yellow atom is the substitutional atom defect the dotted line is the vacancy defect.

Fig. 2. A) entanglement of distributed NV diamond color center spin for Bell inequality test; b) magnetic imaging of skyrmions using diamond tip carrying single color center; c) (from left to right) SEM images of single natural Plasmodium pigment nanocrystals corresponding magnetic microscope images simulated magnetic images for malaria research.

are based on the research progress of color center system in basic scientific research. Marina radulaski from the University of California Davis reviewed the point defect system related technologies summarized the breakthrough research of color center in various fields discussed the interdisciplinary research opportunities of color center in the fields of physics geochemistry. The authors focus on the quantum light emission spin photon entanglement derived from NV − color centers as well as the magnetic electrical thermal detection techniques. The applications of these techniques in basic physics such as the imaging of photon assisted entanglement distribution the detection of two-dimensional atomic level magnetism are also introduced. At the end of the paper the authors made a prospect of these precision technologies in materials science related optoelectronic devices such as entangled clusters high-voltage sensing dark matter detection so on. The work was published online on infomat entitled “novel color center platforms enabling fundamental scientific discovery”( )。

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