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Materials of Space Age – Hollow Glass Beads

What is hollow-glass bead and why is it important? A new micron-scale light material, the hollow glass microsphere was developed in 1960s and 1950s. It is composed primarily of borosilicate and has a particle size between 10-250 m.m. Wall thicknesses range from 1-2m.m. Hollow glasses beads have high compressive strength and high melting points. They also exhibit low thermal conductivity and low thermal shrinkage. In the 21st Century, they are called the “materials in space age”. Because hollow glass beads are lightweight and sound-insulated, they have excellent crack resistance and reprocessing capabilities. They are commonly used in engineering plastics.

The Characteristics Of Hollow Glass Beads

The pure white colour can be used to make any type of product. The density of hollow glass beads has a low specific gravity. Because it is less dense than traditional fillers, the product’s base weight can be reduced, as well as the cost of production. The hollow glass beads can easily be wetted and dispersed. It is compatible with most thermosetting resins like polyurethane, epoxy resin and polyester. Fluidity: Because hollow glass beads have small, round balls they can be used to fill in any liquid resin. They are more fluid than fillings made of sheets, needles, or other irregular shapes. They are also isotropic so there will be no inconsistent shrinkage between different parts. The beads are dimensionally stable and have no warping. Heat insulation and sound insulation. Because hollow glass beads are made from thin gases, they have the properties of both heat and sound insulation. It can be used as a filler in various heat insulation or sound insulation products. Hollow glass beads have heat insulation qualities that can protect products against thermal shock from the changing temperatures of hot and cold.

Application areas for hollow glass beads

FRP products, composite plastics and artificial marble use it extensively. The hollow glass beads used for artificial marble are widespread. These fillers are used widely in the United States by manufacturers. They have the following benefits: 1. It improves impact performance. 2. The performance of products made from the correct formula exceeds requirements set forth by the Artificial Marble Association. The product will be more attractive and stunning if it has a better texture layout. You can reduce curing time and speed up the mould turnover. 5. Improve machineability and decrease deburring, cutting and drilling time.

Hollow glass bead price

Prices of hollow glass beads can be affected by their purity and size. The purchase volume may also have an effect on how much it costs. Large quantities of smaller amounts will result in a lower price. On our website, you can see the cost of hollow glass beads.

H Low-cost glass beads supplier

Misasia Technology Co. Ltd. Luoyang City in Henan Province (China) is a trustworthy and quality global chemical material manufacturer and supplier. They have more than 12 years experience producing high quality chemical and nanotechnology products, such as hollow glass, nitride and graphite powders and sulfide ores. is your best choice if you’re looking for a high-quality, cost-effective hollow bead.

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