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Molybdenum disulfide-The king of solid lubricants |

Molybdenum ore is composed primarily of molybdenum diulfide. The solid powder is lead gray or black. It is odorless, has a slippery texture and a slight slickness. It has a metallic luster and is similar to graphite.<br />
Molybdenum diulfide is used as a solid lubricant in the automotive and aerospace industries (fixers, components), industrial machinery (general oil), composites industry(parts preparation), metallurgy industrial (powder-lubrication), among others. It is used in lubricants as an additive, as a molybdenum-based compound, for a catalytic desulfurization hydrogenation catalyst, gas storage materials, photovoltaic materials, etc.<br /><br />
Application of molybdenum sulfide<br /><br />
MoS2’s unique and excellent physical, chemical and mechanical properties are widely used for optoelectronics materials, composites materials, bioanalysis and medical fields, as well as in machinery manufacturing, engineering plastics and the carbon industry. Molybdenum diulfide exhibits excellent lubricating characteristics under conditions of high temperature, low-temperature, high load and high speed, as well as ultra-vacuum. It is an important solid lubricant and especially suitable in working environments under high temperatures and high pressure. The general layered MoS2, nanoparticle structure with excellent wear resistance and weight loss has been the focus of experts.<br /><br />
Molybdenum diulfide added to lubricating media<br /><br />
MoS2 can be dispersed and rolled in the lubricating oil because it has a special spherical form. It is therefore used for large-scale lubricating applications. Jin Yufu and others from Sichuan added molybdenum-disulfide to the lubricating fluid, which greatly improved the oil’s lubrication. The continuous and stable operation and energy savings of each machine are both achieved.<br />
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Hu Kunhong et al. The tribological properties were examined for different MoS2 particle morphologies. The antifriction, antiwear and wear properties of base oil can be improved by using hollow spherical MoS2 and flake nano MoS2 at low speeds and low loads. Even when the load is high and the speed high, the hollow sphere can still provide good antifriction properties and antiwear. The conclusion is it is different than the conventional MoS2, with better performance in extreme pressures and lubrication.<br />
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Ge Rongxi, through their experience in the field, recognized that the pressing-fit of a certain machine wheel can cause a large number of axle strains. They proposed the use of molybdenum diulfide as a lubricant to be used in press-fitting the wheels, thus solving the issue of abnormal axle pulling. Experiments have shown that nano-MoS2 materials exhibit excellent lubricating characteristics.<br /><br />
Preparation wear-resistant material using molybdenum sulfide nanomaterial<br /><br />
The use of friction in resin-based wear resistant composite materials is extensive. MoS2’s development has led to greater development possibilities for such materials. Wang Jun, along with others, used rubber plastic composite materials to create a matrix. Nano-MoS2 was added to this matrix as well as ordinary molybdenum diulfide. The friction properties and wear characteristics were evaluated. The test results indicate that the friction coefficient of composites decreases with increasing rotational speeds under the same loading and eventually maintains stability. In the case of constant rotational speed, friction coefficients of these raw materials decrease as load increases.<br /><br />
Application<br />
It is also used as a solid lubricant in electronic communications, aerospace, automotive and machinery. Excellent lubricity in equipment operating at high temperature, low-temperature, high-load, high-speed, chemical corrosion or modern ultra vacuum conditions. Powder lubrication can be used for internal coating of weapons, wire drawing with metal and other applications. It is used to lubricate the plate by blending organic materials. This is done for rolling and translational lubrication on large equipment. It can be added to lubricating grease, Teflon or nylon, as well as paraffin and stearic to increase lubrication. Molybdenum is a key component in the preparation of anticorrosion materials, which opens up new markets for disulfide. Through film-forming and sprinkling technology, it protects pipelines and towers from corrosion in the petroleum and chemical industries due to its stability. Molybdenum Disulfide doesn’t adsorb dust in dusty environments and won’t contaminate food, textiles or other products. Solid lubricants made from it have similar friction coefficients for static and dynamic use. They are stable and do not stick or slip. It is also used as a release agent for non-ferrous materials and as a forged-film lubricant.<br /><br />
High-purity molybdenum produced by chemical synthesis is characterized by a larger surface area, a greater adsorption ability, and increased reactivity. The catalytic performance of hydrogenation desulfurization is also improved. It can be used to make high-efficiency catalysts for hydrogenation desulfurization and as a gas storage material in petrochemical industries. The energy band of a thin layer is around 1.78 eV which is the same energy as light. This has promising prospects for photovoltaics. As the particle size decreases, adhesion and surface coverage of friction materials are improved. Doubled anti-wear, anti-friction and wear-resistance performance.<br /><br />
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