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Production method of copper oxide

Copper oxide hydrothermal synthesis method: This method uses water as the reaction medium in a high-temperature and high-pressure reaction environment in an autoclave to dissolve commonly insoluble or insoluble substances, and the reaction can also undergo recrystallization. Hydrothermal technology has two characteristics, one is its relatively low temperature, and the other is that it is conducted in a closed container to avoid component volatilization. As a low-temperature and low-pressure synthesis method, it is used to synthesize cubic boron nitride at low temperatures. Benzene thermal synthesis: As a newly developed method for the synthesis of low-temperature nanomaterials, benzene thermal synthesis has received widespread attention. Due to its stable conjugated structure, benzene is an excellent solvent for solvothermal synthesis. Recently, it has been successfully developed into a benzene thermal synthesis technology, with a reaction temperature of only 450 . The benzene thermal synthesis technology can prepare metastable phases that are usually prepared under extreme conditions and exist under ultra-high pressure at relatively low temperatures and pressures. This method realizes the preparation of cubic boron nitride at low temperature and low pressure. However, this method is still in the experimental research stage and is a promising synthesis method. Self propagating technology: Using external energy to induce high exothermic chemical reactions, reactions occur locally in the system to form chemical reaction fronts (combustion waves). The chemical reactions are carried out quickly with the support of their own heat release, and the combustion waves spread throughout the system. Although this method is a traditional inorganic synthesis method, it has only recently been reported for the synthesis of boron nitride. Carbothermal synthesis technology: This method uses boric acid as the raw material, carbon as the reducing agent, and ammonia gas nitridation on the surface of silicon carbide to obtain boron nitride. The purity of the product obtained is very high, and has great application value for the preparation of composite materials. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective copper oxide, or if you require the latest price of copper oxide, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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