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States of vanadium present in the material

The material's states of vanadium are present, but an overall reduction has occurred in hydrogenation. Simulation shows that a vanadium (IV) species is now present, as demonstrated by the emission at 516.1 eV, which is close to the emission of V(IV) at 516.3 eV for V2O4. 23 The two minor simulated emissions at 515.3 eV and 514.3 eV are similar in intensity. They can both be attributed to V(III) species as they are close to the emission reported for V2O3 at 515.7,23, suggesting that these are two different V(III) species with slightly different environments. The emission with the largest intensity falls at 513.8 eV and can also be attributed to a V(III) species compared to the 513.9 eV reported for V(OH)3. 24 The small emission at 512.2 eV can be assigned to V(0)25 and demonstrates that excessive reduction leads to the formation of V metal. The oxidation state distribution of V(IV)-25C-H2 is similar to that observed for lower valent vanadium hydride gels synthesized previously by our group from V(III) alkyl precursors.9c Overall, this demonstrates that this important new hydrogen storage material can be readily accessed indirectly by reduction of more conveniently prepared V(IV) aryl species as opposed to directly from more elusive and expensive V(III) alkyl compounds while also highlighting the flexibility of oxidation states in this class of materials. These properties can be exploited for electrochemical energy storage or catalysis. Because V(IV)-25C-H2 contains various V oxidation states, further characterization by electrochemical methods and possible exploitation as a cathode material is warranted. The electrochemical properties of V(IV)-25C-H2 were thus assessed using various electrochemical methods. The potential window used for these studies was slightly different from what is typical for V(IV) materials as V(IV)-25C-H2 became unstable above 3.2 V. So, we could not reach the maximum 4 V normally employed for measuring other vanadium compounds. 15,26 we first tested a VO2 commercial powder as an external standard to compare the electrochemical behavior. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective vanadium hydride, or if you require the latest price of vanadium hydride, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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