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What is boron nitride ceramic material

What’s boron-nitride?
The hexagonal crystal system includes Boron Nitride crystal. Its structure and properties are similar to graphite.

Characteristics for boron Nitride

It is a good heat resistant, thermal stability and thermal conductivity. This makes it an ideal heat dissipation and high-temperature insulating material. Boron Nitride is chemically stable, and it resists corrosion by all molten metals. This material also exhibits good self-lubricating qualities. Boron Nitride products can be machined up to 1/1000mm in accuracy and have a low hardness.



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boron nitride

Boron Nitride can be used for the production of crucibles that melt semiconductors.

Boron nitride is usually found in graphite structures, which are also commonly called white graphite. One is of diamond type. Like the conversion of graphite to diamond, graphite type boron is also possible. It can be made into diamond-type Boron Nitride at high temperatures (1800degC), and pressure (880Mpa). B-N bond length in this boron nutride is 156pm. Its density is also similar to that found in diamond. It has a hardness comparable to diamond and a higher heat resistance than diamond. The material can be used for cutting, drilling and other high-temperature applications.

Boron Nitride structure

Boron Nitride is a hexagonal crystal. This includes graphite and amorphous varieties. Other than the hexagonal form of boron carbide, there are other forms. Graphene-like 2D boron nitride crystallines were also found (similarly to MoS-2D crystals).

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