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What is cement foaming agent

Cement foaming agents belong to a category of narrow foaming agents rather than all biased foaming agents. In the little sense of foaming agents, only a tiny part can be used for foam concrete. The characteristics and technical requirements of foam concrete determine this. In industrial production and daily use, the uses of foaming agents vary greatly, and different application fields have other technical requirements for foaming agents. For example, the foaming agent used in fire extinguishers only requires its instantaneous foaming capacity and oxygen-blocking ability without requiring high stability and delicacy. For example, in flotation foaming agents used in mining, as long as they have strong adsorption and good foaming power on the target substance, the requirements for foaming ratio and foam stability are not high. So on and so on; I will list some of them. Foaming agents are almost applied in various industrial fields and have many uses. The performance requirements for foaming agents vary from industry to industry, and foaming agents used in one sector cannot be used or have poor effects in another industry.

Similarly, the foaming agent used for foam concrete puts forward technical requirements for concrete foaming. In addition to the ability to generate large foam, it pays special attention to its stability, fineness, and adaptability of foam and cement and other cementitious materials. In the narrow sense, only some foaming agents can meet this requirement. Most foaming agents cannot be used to produce foam concrete. Therefore, foam concrete foaming agents must be a few surfactants or surfactants that meet the above technical requirements. Because of the concept's vagueness, many people need to catch up on the practical application. They confuse the concepts of "foaming agent" and "foam concrete foaming agent". All foaming agents are bought and used, resulting in no foaming effect and no satisfactory foam concrete. Therefore, we must clarify these concepts and their differences to avoid misunderstandings in using foaming agents and avoid many detours. Many things in the market called "foaming agents" are not foam concrete foaming agents, and you should understand this. If you are looking for high quality, high purity and cost-effective cement foaming agent, or if you require the latest price of cement foaming agent, please feel free to email contact mis-asia.

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