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What is the Uses and Characteristics of GH4049 Superalloy

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GH4049 introduces:

GH4049 is a Ni-Co-Cr-based deposition hardening deformation superalloy, the
application temperature is lower than 950℃. The alloy has good oxidation
resistance below 1000°C, and high high-temperature compressive strength below
950°C, which is suitable for the production of natural gas turbocharger blades
with operating temperatures ranging from 850°C to 950°C. The key equipment
includes hot rolling and forging bar stock and free forging turbine blades.

Application and characteristics of GH4049 superalloy

Alloys have been used to make aircraft engine turbine blades and other high
temperature load-bearing parts. After a long period of manufacture and
application, it has become one of the most widely used foliar raw materials.

Compared with similar nickel-based alloys in the same way, the alloy's hot
working process plasticity is weak, but after electroslag remelting or vacuum
pump electric remelting, its production and processing plasticity can be
improved, with fracture at 1000 ° C ~ 1170 ° C The toughness is increased by 1~3

Heat treatment process rules and regulations:

1200℃±10℃ heat preservation for 2 hours air cooling+1050℃±10℃ heat
preservation for 4 hours air cooling+850℃±10℃ heat preservation for 8 hours air
cooling, HB363~302

GH4049 is a nickel-based aging-strengthened alloy with high high temperature
strength below 950 degrees, small notch sensitivity, good oxidation resistance
and fatigue strength, but poor hot working plasticity. Vacuum consumable or
electroslag remelting can improve its heat processing plasticity

GH4049 alloy has been used to make aero-engine turbine blades and other
high-temperature load-bearing parts. After long-term production and use test, it
has become one of the most widely used blade materials.

The new process of constant temperature toughness rolling is applied to the
production practice of GH4049 alloy hot-rolled bars. The production process and
product quality are relatively stable, and the products can meet the needs of
the market in large quantities, so they have been well evaluated by users, both
economic and social benefits. relatively significant.


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