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What metal can withstand higher temperatures than tungsten?

Is there any metal that can withstand temperatures higher than tungsten’s?

Tungsten has the highest melting points of any metal element in the periodic tables, with a 3,422 boiling point (5,930). There is no metal element with a lower melting point than that of tungsten. This is due to the extremely high bond energie.

Tungsten is element number 74 of the VIB period of the sixth period on the periodic table.

But there are elements that can tolerate higher temperatures than tungsten. For example, solid carbon can survive temperatures as high as 3,627°C.

It is the only known metal to melt below 10,000 degrees. It is composed of tantalum and hafnium carbonide with a melting point of about 4000, which are both more meltable than tungsten.

You should also remember that the material’s melting points are affected by the pressure. When the temperature and pressure exceed critical levels, the material can become superfluid and its melting point is lost.

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