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Why is a car charging station a necessary choice?

Global greenhouse gas emission reduction work is intensified
By the end of 2020, EU countries have decided to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 55% of 1990 levels by 2030, an increase of 15% from the previous target of 40%. This "ambitious" emission reduction target underscores the EU's determination to tackle climate change. To this end, the European Union will introduce new vehicle emission standards this year. The technical details of the latest Euro 7 emission standards are still under study. Industry insiders believe that the standard will have a decisive impact on the development of the European automotive industry. Some people in the industry even believe that this emission standard will directly announce the end of the European fuel vehicle era. Grasen is a professional manufacturer of CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Chargers in China, providing you with 120kW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Chargers.
According to the new standards being discussed, the new model will have to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For automakers, this means huge development and compliance costs. The new emission standards have put a lot of pressure on the European automobile industry, forcing European automobile companies to move forward and accelerate their transformation.

The European Union has set such an "ambitious" goal, not only to solve the bottleneck problem in the battery supply chain of automobile companies, but also to actively change the industry. In order to further support the EU's battery industry, the EU has raised up to 20 billion euros. More than 60 companies from 12 member states participated in the event, led by Germany and France. Germany's investment in this area alone amounts to 13 billion euros. According to the EU's goal, by 2030, the EU will account for 30% of the global battery market share in the production of electric vehicle batteries. Despite this ambitious goal, the EU’s battery production capacity is still at a relatively early stage, and it will take the time to form a breakthrough in production capacity and occupy a place in the global industrial chain. Grasen is a professional manufacturer of CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Chargers in China, providing you with 120kW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Chargers.

Inflation in the world electric vehicle market
The rapid growth of the electric vehicle market is closely related to the policy support and technological progress of various countries. In response to climate change, major economies have set their own carbon neutral goals, and many countries are promoting the development and green transformation of the electric vehicle industry as the focus of sustained economic recovery. In the European Union, countries have introduced huge subsidies, and car batteries are considered a top priority. In the United States, not only is technological innovation still active, but the leadership role of market innovation and new consumer concepts is also worthy of attention. In the United States, not only technological innovation is still very active, but also market innovation and new consumer ideas are also worth noting. Facing the booming development of the global electric vehicle market.

The price of car charging stations
Grasen is a professional manufacturer of CCS CHADEMO DC fast chargers in China, and has more than 11 years of experience in this field. Its main customers include Yutong, CATL, State Grid, BYD, etc. Always seeking common development, Grasen attaches great importance to research and development to meet market changes and needs.

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