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Will copper oxide rust

Copper will rust. Copper rust is generally divided into oxidation discoloration and severe corrosion of patina. Copper is easy to lose electrons and be oxidized due to the unstable state of the outermost electron number of copper atoms, and the copper oxide is discolored or even black. If it is in wet conditions, it will further corrode the patina. Therefore, copper and copper alloys generally need to be passivated after being produced into finished products to prevent the occurrence of adverse phenomena such as oxidation and rust on the surface of copper.

In a humid environment, water and carbon dioxide will also participate in the reaction to produce green basic copper carbonate, which is called verdigris for short. The texture of the patina is loose and can't prevent the invasion of corrosive substances, so there will be more and more patina until the product is scrapped. Both pure copper and copper alloys have green components after corrosion in a humid environment, and the higher the copper content, the more obvious the green is.

Pure copper and phosphor bronze which are easy to change 

colour, it is suggested to use Branno copper special antirust bag and high moisture absorption desiccant for antirust protection. The antirust bag can volatilize antirust gas to separate oxygen molecules and water molecules from copper, and the high moisture absorption desiccant absorbs water. Under the joint action of the two, copper is protected from corrosion. For brass and white copper, depending on the length of the rust-proof period and your acceptance of discolouration, there are many options to choose from. The gas phase antirust material can be a copper antirust bag, M3 antirust bag or C-type antirust paper, and the desiccant can be high moisture absorption or clay desiccant. Which scheme to choose depends on the results of the accelerated wet-heat test. Branno can provide you with a complete set of testing and customized antirust solutions and provide you with more cost-effective antirust products.

If only a small part of the metal in the product is copper, Branno U-type antirust paper can also be used. As a multi-purpose antirust product, it can protect iron, steel and copper and can be used as an auxiliary antirust bag with copper.

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