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PPH Propylene glycol phenyl ether CAS 770-35-4

PPH can be substituted for isophorone (cyclohexanone), DBE (dibutyl ether), benzyl alchohol, and the phenyl ether / ethylene glycol series to reduce the toxicity of these compounds.

What is PPH Propylene glycol Phenyl Ether?

Propylene phenyl glycol is a solvent with slow evaporation after the reaction of propylene oxide and phenol. Phenol residue is minimal. PPH has a light, clear color. PPH can replace isophorone (cyclohexanone), DBE (dibutyl ether), benzyl alchohol, and the ethylene glycol-benzene ether syringe series with a low boiling point organic modifier or solvent.

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PPH Propylene glycol phenyl ether

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Product Performance PPH Propylene Glycol Phenyl Ether:

PPH Propylene phenylether has a sweet, pleasant smell and non-toxic characteristics.

PPH’s high boiling point and low volatile properties reduce the VOC effect of coatings.

PPH can be used to form a good film in waterborne latex or disperse coatings. This is especially true for gloss and semi-gloss finishes.

PPH, also known as polyphenyl hydrazine, is a solvent that is strong enough to dissolve vinyl acetates and acrylic esters. The water solubility of PPH (which is lower than the water’s volatilization rate) is low, helping to swell up the particles.

The dosage of this product, compared to ordinary film-forming AIDS like TEXANOL (12-alcohol ester), can be reduced from 30-50%, provided that the paint film is formed completely, has the same luster and fluidity, and does not flow. It also displays the display color.

PPH has strong coalescing abilities, film formation efficiency was increased by 1.5-2x and the production cost was reduced significantly.

The film-forming temperatures (MFTs) of the material can reach as low as -1.

After product optimization, the product can be used directly in any stage of painting. We recommend adding it to the emulsion stage before or to the pigment grinding stage, or to add 50% to each. This will make the product easier to match with other ingredients, improve emulsification, and dispersion without affecting pigment stability.

Technical Parameters of PPH Propylene phenyl Ether:

Product Code


Relative density (25)

Propylene glycol phenyl ether PPH 0.914 Aroma sweet smell Colorless transparent liquid


PPH Propylene glycol phenyl ether:

PPH Propylene glycol phenyl ether

In stable formulations of cleaning and metalworking fluids it is used as co-solvent and film-forming agent. It can also be used to dissolve inks or resins in coatings. It is also used as an auxiliary in formulations that do not foam to increase the detergency. Due to its high miscibility and low surface tension it is widely used for electrophoretic coatings in ship, container or wood coatings.

Packing & shipping of PPH Propylene phenylether

PPH Propylene phenylether is available in a variety of different quantities.

PPH Propylene Glycol Phenyl Ethyl Packing:

1kg/bottle. 25kg/barrel. 200kg/barrel.

PPH Propylene glycol Phenyl Ether Shipping:

Once payment has been received, goods can be shipped by air, sea or express.

Propylene Glycol Phenyl Ethyl Ester Properties

Alternative Names

CAS Number

Compound Formula

Molecular Mass

Colorless transparent liquid

Melting Point

Boiling Point


Solubility In H2O

Exact Volume

Safety Information on Propylene Glycol Phenyl Ether

Sign Word

Hazard Statements

Hazard Codes

Risk Codes

Safety Declarations

Transport Information

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