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How To Clone App In Huawei Mate Pro 20

Cloning an app on a Huawei Mate Pro 20 can be a bit tricky, but with the right tools and knowledge, it is definitely achievable. Here’s how to clone an app without any format:

How To Clone App In Huawei Mate Pro 20

(How To Clone App In Huawei Mate Pro 20)

Step 1: Download the required app

The first step is to download the app you want to clone. You can find this on the Google Play Store or your device’s store.
Step 2: Create a backup of the original app

Before cloning the app, it’s important to create a backup of the original app. This will ensure that you can restore the original app if something goes wrong during the cloning process.
Step 3: Install Android Studio

Once you have downloaded the app and created a backup, you’ll need to install Android Studio on your computer. Android Studio is the software development environment used for creating apps on the Android platform.
Step 4: Download the app’s source code

Next, you’ll need to download the app’s source code from the developer’s website. The source code should be in a format that is compatible with Android Studio, such as .zip or .jar.
Step 5: Extract the source code

Extract the source code using the tool provided by the developer. This will allow you to navigate through the code and copy the necessary files.
Step 6: Open Android Studio

Once you’ve extracted the source code, open Android Studio on your computer. You’ll need to set up your project by selecting the new project option, specifying the location of your app, and choosing the minimum SDK version required.
Step 7: Create a new app module

To create a new app module, go to File > New > Module. Choose the appropriate module type (e.g., JavaFX) and give it a name.
Step 8: Copy the app module

Copy the app module you just created into the project directory of your app. This will create a separate module for your app that you can use for cloning the app.
Step 9: Modify the app module

To modify the app module, edit the module’s XML file to include the necessary information for cloning the app. This may involve copying the app’s layout, modifying the app’s code, or adding additional features to the app.
Step 10: Build the app module

Once you’ve made the necessary modifications to the app module, build the app module using Android Studio. This will create a copy of the app module that you can use for cloning the app.
Step 11: Cloning the app

Finally, you can clone the app by running the following command in the terminal:

./gradlew createGeneratePomFile clean copyAppModule src/main/resources/app

This command will create a new pom.xml file in the root directory of your app, compile the app’s resources, create a new source folder in the project directory, and copy the app module into the source folder.

How To Clone App In Huawei Mate Pro 20

(How To Clone App In Huawei Mate Pro 20)

With these steps, you should be able to clone an app on a HuaweiMate Pro 20 without any formatting. However, please note that the cloning process may vary depending on the app and its dependencies, so make sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by the developer.

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