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Preparation and Application of molybdenum disulfide

Molybdenum disulfide

Because of its excellent properties and wide application possibilities, a lot has been researched on nano-MoS2 preparation and applications at home as well as abroad.

Natur law

MoS2 can also be obtained by the natural process, the molybdenite concentrat purification method. It involves the removal of acid-insoluble matter SiO2, Fe, Cu and molybdenite concentrated from high quality molybdenum concentrate using certain physical or chemical actions. Nano-MoS2 is made by further removing impurities, such as Ca or Pb. Nano-MoS2 can retain its natural MoS2 crystal form, it has excellent lubricating properties, and is therefore suitable for the production of lubricants. However, nano-MoS2 obtained by natural methods isn’t very pure and needs to have better purification. The MoS2 that is less expensive is preferred for working in normal conditions. MoS2’s lubricating capacity is below 1300. Therefore, it should be used at a low cost.

Chemical Synthesis

This synthetic process can create sulfides in high purity with fewer impurities and smaller particle sizes. It can also prepare sulfides that can meet various functional requirements. This is why synthetic methods have been a hot topic. You can prepare nano-MoS2 using many techniques, such as the ammonium tetrathiomolybdate or sulfur vapor reduction technique, hydrogen sulfide/sulfur vapor reduction method. There is also a high-energy ball-milling method. Carbon nanotube space confinement methods. Hydrothermal synthesis, high–energy physical and chemical method combinations are all options. Two preparation options are available. There are two ways to prepare nano-MoS2: either direct contact with a tungsten, molybdenum or sulfur source. Or you can react first with a tungsten and molybdenum sources with a sulfur source. Once the precursor is obtained, pass it through a Method that will decompose or lower to MoS2.


This is an excellent anti-friction addition

molybdenum disulfide

Brake pads are made from this material. It is made up of four elements: binder; reinforcing fiber; friction performance modifier; and filler. Two types can be made of friction performance modifiers:


Anti-friction material:

This can be used to improve the material’s abrasion resistance and noise reduction, as well as reduce its coefficient of friction. These include graphite (or molybdenum disulfide), lead (or copper) and others.


Friction material

The material can be made more frictionally by adding it. These include most inorganic and metal fillers as well. The friction performance modifier adjusts both the material’s working and thermal stability.

Molybdenum disulfide is a good choice because it has excellent wear resistance and dispersibility. As a friction regulator, these are the primary functions of adding to the brake pads:


Molybdenum disulfide, which is processed using jet pulverization, has a particle diameter of 1.5-20 Microns. The friction coefficient can be as high as 0.05. This gives it excellent dispersion properties and an anti-friction property.

Increased friction

The friction material expands rapidly due to friction temperature. Molybdenum dioxide oxidizes and forms molybdenum Trioxide. This expansion plays a part in increasing friction.

Anti-oxidation and Anti-Falling

Molybdenum dioxide is slightly acidic. The surface of friction materials is protected from oxygen by it. It also has strong adhesion.


Many low-temperature materials, such as resins and fillers, can be easily carbonized at high temperatures for friction. This causes the material’s internal voids to expand. Molybdenum Trioxide, however, is a better alternative.

The specific gravity can be reduced:

Molybdenum disulfide crystalline crystals have a specific gravity between 4.5 and 5.2. Finer crystals have a greater specific surface area, which in turn reduces the weight of the brake pads.

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molybdenum disulfide

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