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The Applications of Mn2O3 Powder

From April the French government will reduce fuel taxes slightly to ease the burden on consumers. 

Warned of possible energy shortages in France by the end of the year and called on the French to conserve electricity and gas from now on, saying that if nothing was done, The energy situation will be tough this winter. Some experts say that there are two main reasons for France’s energy crisis: first, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine affected the gas market and caused supply tension; The second is a safety review of France’s newest nuclear power plant, which may lead to a reduction in output this year. In order to alleviate the energy crisis, the whole French society needs to be mobilized, whether it is the industrial sector, the tertiary sector or every French citizen. Now it is urgent. Rising fuel prices may also have an impact on shipments of the Mn2O3 Powder. 

What is Mn2O3 Powder?
Manganese trioxide is an oxide with a chemical formula of Mn2O3 and a molecular weight of 157.88. Black cubic crystals. Relative density 4.50. Insoluble in water, acetic acid and ammonium chloride solution, soluble in other inorganic acids. Dissolved in cold hydrochloric acid to form a brown solution, in hot dilute sulfuric acid or concentrated sulfuric acid to form a red solution, decomposed into MnO₂ and manganese nitrate in hot nitric acid, decomposed into Mn3O4 when heated and released O₂. It exists in two forms, α-Mn2O3 and γ-Mn2O3. α-type is obtained by decomposing nitrate, carbonate or chloride and hydride of divalent manganese in air by heating to 600800℃; γ-type is obtained by heating MnO2 in vacuum at 500℃ for 78 hours, or By γ-MnO (OH) dehydration obtained. It can be used in the printing and dyeing process of cloth, in the oxidation process of carbon monoxide and organic compounds, and can also be used to synthesize soft magnetic materials, or as an important base material for synthesizing lithium-ion batteries.
The characteristics of Mn2O3 Powder
Manganese trioxide is black cubic crystal, insoluble in water, acetic acid and ammonium chloride solution, soluble in other inorganic acids. Heating to 1080 ℃ decomposes into Mn3O4 and O2. Dissolved in cold hydrochloric acid into a brown solution, in hot dilute sulfuric acid or concentrated sulfuric acid into a red solution, decomposed into MnO2 and manganese nitrate in hot nitric acid, decomposed into Mn3O4 and released O2 when heated. It exists in two forms, α-Mn2O3 and γ-Mn2O3.

Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 Powder Properties
Other Names Manganese oxide, Manganese(3+) oxide, Manganese sesquioxide,
Dimanganese trioxide, Keto-(ketomanganiooxy)manganese,
Manganese(3+) oxide, Manganese trioxide,
Oxo-(oxomanganiooxy) manganese
CAS No. 1317-34-6
Compound Formula Mn2O3
Molecular Weight 157.87
Appearance Black Solid
Melting Point 940 °C (1724 °F)
Solubility in water N/A
Density 4.5 g/cm3
Purity 99.50%
Particle Size 0.8μm
Boling point N/A
Specific Heat N/A
Thermal Conductivity N/A
Thermal Expansion N/A
Young's Modulus N/A
Exact Mass 173.856
Monoisotopic Mass 173.856

Manganese Oxide Mn2O3 CAS 1317-34-6

The preparation for Mn2O3 Powder
1. Preparation of α-Mn₂O₃α-Mn2O3 can be obtained by further oxidation or reduction of manganese oxides, or by heating divalent manganese salts in the air at 600-800°C. The easiest way is to heat manganese nitrate hexahydrate or pure β-MnO2 to constant weight at 650°C in air. When using manganese nitrate hexahydrate as the raw material, it needs to be heated at 190°C to make a solid material, which can be pulverized and then heated at 650°C.
2. Preparation of γ-Mn₂O₃In 350mL of the solution in which 2.2g of manganese sulfate tetrahydrate was dissolved, under vigorous stirring, 34mL of 3% hydrogen peroxide solution was added dropwise, followed by 50mL of 0.2mol·dm-3 ammonia water to generate γ-MnO(OH). Heating to make the dark brown or black suspension that emits oxygen to boil rapidly, after boiling for 4 minutes, filter and separate, wash the solid with 1.5L hot water, put it in a vacuum desiccator with phosphorus pentoxide, below 100 ℃ After drying, γ-MnO(OH) is obtained. This γ-MnO(OH) was carefully dehydrated at 250° C. for 3 days under reduced pressure to obtain γ-Mn2O3. In addition, γ-MnO2 can also be prepared by heating γ-MnO2 at 500 °C for 78h under reduced pressure.
The usage of Mn2O3 Powder
1. Mn2O3 has a wide range of uses and can be used in the printing and dyeing process of fabrics.
2. It can efficiently catalyze the oxidation of organic pollutants and nitrogen oxides, and catalyze organic coupling reactions.
3. It can be used as the precursor of soft magnetic material.
4. As a raw material for synthesizing lithium ion battery electrode materials.
5. It is the raw material and intermediate product of manganese compound.
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Gas supplies have been in short supply because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.  Combined with the situation that other renewable sources cannot produce enough electricity, electricity prices have soared in many parts all over the world. For this reason, I assume the supply and prices of the Mn2O3 Powder would keep being influenced by the high energy prices.

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