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What is Molybdenum silicide?

Molybdenum silicide is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula MoSi2.It is insoluble in most acids, but soluble in nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid. The two kinds of atoms have similar radii and electronegativity, which is similar to metal and ceramic. Molybdenum silicide is electrically conductive and can form a silicon dioxide passivation layer on its surface at high temperatures to prevent further oxidation. It is used in high-temperature oxidation-resistant coating materials, electric heating elements, integrated electrode film, structural materials, composite reinforcement, wear-resistant materials, structural ceramics, and other fields of bonding materials.
Molybdenum silicide physical and chemical properties
MoSi2 is a kind of intermediate phase with the highest silicon content in the Mo-Si binary alloy system, and it is a Dalton-type intermetallic compound with a fixed composition. It has the dual characteristics of metal and ceramic, is a high-temperature material with excellent performance. It has a very good high-temperature oxidation resistance, oxidation resistance temperature up to 1600℃. It has a moderate density (6.24g/cm3), low thermal expansion coefficient (8.1×10-6K-1), good electrothermal conductivity, high brittle and ductile transition temperature (1000℃). It has a hard brittleness of ceramics below 1000℃. Above 1000℃ is metal-like soft plastic. MoSi2 is mainly used as a heating element, integrated circuit, high-temperature oxidation-resistant coating, and high-temperature structural material.
Applications of Molybdenum Silicide MoSi2 Powder:
Molybdenum silicide heating elements can be used for temperatures up to 1800 ° C, in electric furnaces used in laboratory and production environment in the production of glass, steel, electronics, ceramics, and in heat treatment of materials. Molybdenum silicide is used in microelectronics as A Contact Material.
Heating element
MoSi2 is a conductive silicide that has an oxidation property due to a stable silica layer on its surface at a high temperature.
Although the top MoSi2 element can operate at temperatures up to 1800 ° C, the material is very brittle, which may suffer serious creep during use. However, they have process advantages because they can work under high electrical loads without aging, and will not exhibit increased resistivity during use. They have antioxidant properties in air, oxygen, and an oxygen-rich atmosphere.
Moreover, they can be used with ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen, a rare gas, and a limited vacuum, but due to the failure of the protective oxide layer, the operating temperature and life can be reduced.
MoSi2 elements are ready-made elements and can be made into a bending or straight form of a variety of sizes. These elements are mainly used in production furnaces and laboratory furnaces in ceramics, glass, steel, electronics, and heat treatment industries.
High-temperature structure
Amazingness and high-temperature elasticity make MoSi2 a very promising material for high-temperature applications such as gas turbine engines. Many researchers strive to improve high-temperature creep resistance and low-temperature ductility. However, there are no commercially available composites with all preferred features.
Molybdenum silicide Supplier
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