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What are the Advantages of Spherical Tungsten Carbide Powder for 3D Printing

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Unlike koalas, which are on the brink of extinction, the market demand for Spherical Tungsten Carbide Powder will grow substantially.

As a typical representative of refractory metal carbides, spherical tungsten
carbide powder is suitable for 3D printing and can produce higher quality
cemented carbide products.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the latest rapid
prototyping device using technologies such as light curing and paper lamination.
The biggest difference from ordinary printers is that the printing material can
be liquid or solid powder. With the development of science and technology and
the needs of popularization and application, the use of rapid direct prototyping
to manufacture metal functional parts has become the main development direction
of rapid prototyping.

Compared with traditional production methods, additive manufacturing
technology has the characteristics of shorter production cycle, higher product
precision, and individualization. In addition to being suitable for the
manufacture of rapid prototyping small batch non-standard parts and
heterogeneous material assemblies, metal 3D printing is also suitable for
forming traditionally difficult parts, such as carbide tools, molds, structural
parts, geological mining tools, etc.

Cemented carbide is an alloy material produced by powder metallurgy with
tungsten carbide as the hard phase and cobalt, nickel, iron, copper and other
metal elements as the bonding phase. It has high melting point, high strength,
high hardness, good Red hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance
and other characteristics, so it is widely used in extreme environments such as
high temperature, high pressure, and high impact. However, alloys have very poor
machinability due to their high hardness and high melting point.

The researchers used 3D printing technology to manufacture cemented carbide,
which can effectively solve the problems of fracture, expansion and deformation
of products made by traditional production methods. However, additive
manufacturing technology has high requirements on the comprehensive performance
of raw materials, and spherical tungsten carbide powder must be used, because it
has the advantages of smooth surface, uniform particle size distribution, and
high fluidity, which is the premise of smooth powder feeding and uniform powder
distribution for 3D printers.


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