When aluminum carbide is on fire, it cannot be extinguished with water

What is aluminum carbide?Aluminum carbide is an inorganic compound with the molecular formula Al4C3. Yellow or greenish-gray crystal block or powder, hygroscopic. be made of.…


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Titanium is not considered a toxic metal, but it is a heavy metal with serious negative health effects. Titanium can affect lung function, causing lung diseases such as pleural disease. Besides, it can cause chest pain with tightness, coughing, and i...…


Reasons for Spheroidization of Spherical Quartz Powder | Mis-asia

What's a sphere of spherical Quartz Powder? Spherical Quartz Powder, also known by spherical Silica Powder, refers to an Amorphous Quartz powder material that is spherical-shaped and contains silicon dioxide as its main component. Spherical qua...…


High Purity Pre-alloyed Iron Copper FeCu Powder

is a reliable supplier for high purity Pre-alloyed Iron Copper FeCu Powder.…

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