Advantages of high-power DC fast charging station

Take the 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station as an example. Grasen 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station is specially designed for super fast, reliable, intelligent, universal and convenient charging of all electric vehicles (inc…


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Drones for safety inspection of ships pass test

Surveys for classification of vessels are currently carried out by human specialists who move through the ships’ many different tanks to check whether the metal hull has started to corrode– and, if so, how serious the damage is.In co…


Frontrunner Vaccine Will Affact the Price of Lead(II) carbonate ((PbCO3)2.Pb(OH)2)-Powder - Market Trend

CEO of Pfizer partner BioNTech says coming winter will be hard but by April, 300 million immunization units should be ready, which will have an impact on the global pandemic.If coronavirus vaccination…


PVC Silica Microporous Separator for Gelled Lead-acid Batteries

PVC-SiO2 separators are also called wet-process PVC separators, which are mainly used in valve-controlled sealed lead-acid gel batteries.…

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