Ultra-high stability nanocrystals have been found that rapid heating can significantly improve the thermal stability of Cu nanocrystals

Nano metals have poor stability due to the introduction of a large number of grain boundaries. Generally speaking, the growth temperature of nanocrystalline grains is much lower than the recrystallization temperature of coarse crystals, and some nano…


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New Printable Polymer Materials Have Military Application Prospects

Epoxy resin refers to a general term for a class of polymers containing more than two epoxy groups in the molecule, and is a polycondensation product of epichlorohydrin and bisphenol A or polyol.…


Selection of livestock names and popular science of 3 month old calf weight

If you're looking to start using scales for livestock on your farms, you can choose from many kinds of scales you can pick from. Most of the scales sold come with a platform, a load bar, and an indicator. They can be used on farms. ...…


HPMC is nontoxic powder

Methyl-hydroxy-propyl-cellulose (MHPC) is a yellowish, odorless, and nontoxic powder. It is partially etherified with methyl groups, with few substituted hydroxyl-propyl groups. The viscosity of aqueous solutions remains constant within a pH range of...…

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