Air Alloy: a New Type of Aerogel, a Magic Material

Recently, scientists have developed a new type of aerogel-air alloy. This material has the characteristics of high strength, ultra-light weight, designability, etc. It is extraordinary in the research and development of thermal insulation ma…


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IAEC-13nH Isomeric alcohol ether carboxylate, 86-90%

Isomeric alcohol carboxylate is resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis and electrolytes.Solid Content: 86-90% What Is Isomeric Alcohol Ether Carboxylate? Isomeric alcohol carboxylate is resistant to strong alkalis and acids; electrolytes and h...…


Car experts use Apple's patents to create interactive 3D models of Apple cars

Car experts at Vanarama have created an impressive interactive 3D model of what they think an Apple Car will look like based on an official Apple patent. The concept shows the exterior design of the car as well as the interior. The model exp…


Does zinc help fungal acne

Zinc pyrithione is known for its antifungal properties, which could make it especially useful for treating fungal acne. Reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. Its antimicrobial properties might help fight off bacteria, an OG cause of acne, and any i...…

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